Nanoscope Instruments, Inc. is part of the Nanoscope family of companies which includes Nanoscope DiagnosticsNanoscope Technologies, and Nanoscope Therapeutics.

Nanoscope companies develop products for companies, researchers, clinicians, and veterinarians to assess cellular health, typically in the eye.

Nanoscope Instruments is a research driven company. We are well aware of the challenges faced by researchers and developed our NS-NEEL, NS-TARA,and NS-KAYRA instruments to address these.  All three feature OCT guidance.

Additionally, each product has a proprietary graphical user interface that enables simultaneous visualization, assessment, and manipulation. As a result, researchers do not have to wait for specimen repositioned which saves time and enables accuracy. We present these to the market with a budget-friendly price that every company, researcher, clinician, and financial manager will appreciate!

Ophthalmology. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) testing.