March 2, 2022. Nanoscope announced as a finalist for the TechFW 2021 Impact Award. This year’s nominee companies respectively altered their industries in a tangible way with leaders who are dedicated to adaptability and collaboration within the community.

February 9, 2022. Under the gleam of fresh paint, Nanoscope Instruments completed build out of facilities designed for the development and production of ocular research equipment for their customers.

January 21, 2022. As the Nanoscope Team, Subrata Batabyal, PhD. Sulagna Bhattacharya Sanghoon KimSamarendra Mohanty, travel to the SPIE 2022 BIOS and Photonics West conferences today we wish all of those in attendance a safe and productive conference. The team will present their latest ocular research to those in attendance.

April 27, 2021. Introducing NS-KAYRA the newest member of the Nanoscope Instruments Team. NS-NEEL and NS-TARA welcome a new member to their family.

April 16, 2021. Light-activated genetic therapy to treat blindness enters clinic. Let there be light! Especially when it helps researchers assess vision impairment.

March 7, 2021. AOPT Young Investigators Recognition For Nanoscope. Congratulations to Nanoscope Interns Receiving Awards From AOPT (Association for Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

March 6, 2021. 2021 SPIE/BIOS Conference Presentations.  Congratulations to Nanoscope researchers who will be presenting at this conference.

March 5, 2021. 2021 AOPT Exhibitor Focus: Nanoscope is “Ready for the Future”. Researchers presenting research on retinal refunctionalization, reprogramming, revitalization & regeneration for vision restoration. Nanoscope Instruments is pleased to be exhibiting at this event, virtually!

March 4-7, 2021. 2021 AOPT Conference Presentations. Congratulations to Nanoscope researchers presenting on retinal refunctionalization, reprogramming, revitalization, & regeneration for vision restoration at this conference.

February 1, 2021. TechFW Client Nanoscope on Winning Team in National Eye Institute Challenge. With the eyes of the nation on them, Nanoscope researchers join forces with leading US academic institutions to ‘see the unseen’.

January 21, 2021. Going and Growing!Congratulations to the Nanoscope family of companies on their new facility!